Onze bemanning

Marketing Director: Harald Guimaraes


Naam: Harald Guimarães

Functie: Marketing Director Netherlands

Afdeling: Marketing

Bij Iglo sinds: 2009

Mijn geluksmomentje: 65% Growth of iglo Roerbaksensatie in 2 years

Kan je wat vertellen over je carrière bij Iglo tot nu toe?

I have worked in the Headquarter in London, then in Eastern Europe and since 2014 for iglo Nederland. All these roles had very different challenges, so my job stayed always interesting. In my current role I really enjoy to enable an atmosphere of creativity within our team and also with the agencies we work with. This has allowed us to come up with unexpected, unconventional and outstanding marketing programs which are leading edge, both on national as well as on European level. Iglo is for instance the most advanced food brand on Youtube NL and we create really unique branded content in cooperations with TV stations.

Hoe ziet een typische dag bij Iglo er voor jou uit?

I start and end in a traffic jam :) - and in-between I either work with my team of marketers or as a member of the Dutch leadership team or on projects where our colleagues from the center in London are involved. This covers all kinds of different things, from Design development, Advertising development, New product development to 360° campaigns and digital programs, but also includes financial aspects around the P&L, or market research with consumers. So each day is different, it can be the shooting of a local ad or video at the Rotterdam wharf or it can be in a research room in Amsterdam listening to our consumers, or just a normal day with meetings and phonecalls.

Wat vind je het leukst aan je baan bij Iglo?

To work for food is something really tangible, the passion for good products which taste great and make peoples lives easier gives me real pleasure. I also really enjoy to be in the interface between the different departments and towards all the agencies. Lastly I enjoy the strategic element of my job – which range to launch next, which support program will make the brand grow faster?

Waar ben je het meest trots op?

With our first ever digital program during the soccer world cup 2014 we made it into the top 4 most viewed Youtube channels in June 2014 – with a fraction of Heinekens budget who landed at No 5.

Wat is je favoriete product en waarom?

The Fishfingers – I love their taste, and you can use them in so many different ways – I only say: Death Star Broodje Vissticks!!!